Collection: Luxurious Hemp Body Lotion

Want to talk about the best lotion ever!!! That's the reason we put it in a jar so you can get every drop! Try this hemp lotion it moisturizes without clogging pores. Hemp oil is known to help hydrate and regulate the skins production of oil. What makes hemp oil so beneficial is that it is rich in omega-6 & 12 fatty acid. Keep this in your arsenal of luxurious skincare products.

Get the matching set which includes a Hemp Body Wash and Body Scrub. Sure to make your shower or bath feel luxurious. There is also an option to add glitter or ADD GLITTER!

 This lotion jar is full so be careful when opening!

Ingredients: Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, E-Wax, Glycerin and Hemp Oil. Fragrance and Optiphen.

Directions: Starting with a dollop rub the lotion between your palms to warm it up and then use both hands to massage it into the skin. Move from the neck down, or from the feet up, to make sure you don't miss any spots

Not intended for internal use.

Luxurious Hemp Body Lotion