About Me

Thank you for visiting my site. I am LaTruette owner and creator of everything bodyLUXco  Bath and Body. I have been making soap since 2001. It all started as a hobby while I was sick. I needed back surgery and it was hard to sit down so I was standing most of the day or laying on the floor. I needed to find something I could do while standing up. While watching TV one day I came across a home improvement show where they were making melt and pour soap. So not only was this going to help me with my pain but my kids had very dry skin and the soap I was buying was expensive. One day as my son got out of the shower I saw his ghostly looking legs walking across the floor. I knew I needed something better for their skin.

So I immediately took an interest in soapmaking. Now I was on the hunt for materials. I soon started making melt and pour soap and giving it away to friends and family. As time progressed I truly fell in love with this method of soapmaking.

One day as I was talking to my grandmother I remembered she use to make soap. So we talked about that and some recipes all of which had no written ingredients. So now I'm trying to research soapmaking with no Google or YouTube.  I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Not understanding the chemistry behind it.

So in 2004 I invested in taking a class and that's when I found my true love and passion.

I have so many stories to share with you about my journey. But for now I want to welcome you to bodyLUXco Bath and Body.

Me and the grown kiddos below.